There seems to be so much noise about this fitness program produced by Zoe. If you have a hard time believing Yoga burn isn’t like other hyped fitness programs, we invite you to this Yoga Burn Review. We do believe that this review will help clear the air about Yoga burn eBook and help you make an informed decision. For convenience sake, this review will take this structure:


  1. My Thoughts
  2. Background information on Zoe Bray-Cotton
  3. An overview of the Yoga Burn Program
  4. Who are the Yoga Burn guide for?
  5. What are the features of the Yoga Burn E-Book?
  6. Pros and Cons of the Yoga Burn system
  7. Conclusion

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My Thoughts On Yoga Burn System

Maintaining a healthy body weight has been a recurring challenge that women grapple with. If going back to your perfect bikini has been elusive put your hand up. Fitness has been a major challenge for the womenfolk since the word go. Your mama had her own fitness challenges, so did your grandma. In the complexities of the modern age, visiting the gym may be out of it for a woman that runs a tight schedule. If you haven’t been able to commit to your fitness schedules, you are in good company.

A lot of women find aerobic and cardiovascular exercises too stressful for their feminine frame. So, they watch wistfully those with a perfect bikini body flaunt their frame. There just must be a subtle way around these flabby arms and thick waistline. The answer may be in this age-long therapy that calms and soothes the mind to bring about the rejuvenation of the whole body. Yoga is a practice that engages the soul, mind, and body of the practitioners. It is an ancient physical practice which renews the body from within. Yoga fat burn predates modern forms of fitness and routines as its use dates back several centuries (da Silva, Ravindran, &Ravindran, 2009).

The several health issues which bedevil the womenfolk in this age may be avoided through as little as 2-hour Yoga burn program. Stress, which is the culprit of all forms of illnesses, is reduced in the body of those who engage in this advanced form of conscious meditation. (Lazar et al.,2000; Pramanik et al., 2009; Riley, 2004; Takahashi et al., 2005). Also, it has been found to aid healing and maintain overall health conditions. With the sudden surge in health issues and emotional disturbances that lead to unhealthy weight gain, embracing Yoga to burn calories may be just the missing link in your quest to live a balanced life. Hence, this article is a review of Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn. It is a resource that explores the yet to be fully –explored benefits of Yoga burn workouts. It is my belief that you find this review helpful.


Background Information On Zoe Bray-Cotton

Perhaps this is your first time of coming across the name of the creator of Yoga Burn. Who then is the face behind this workout manual? The author, Zoe Bray-Cotton, is a female body transformation expert and a personal trainer. She is certified fitness personnel who has paid her dues as far as working with women to achieve fitness goals is concerned. Zoe has spent over a decade teaching and training various styles of Yoga. Years of working with renowned Yoga studios and gyms in North America has proven her as a classic example of a trainer who walks each step of the way with her clients. Her passion for women’s fitness moved her to produce this follow-along yoga burn program.


An Overview Of The Yoga Burn System

Yoga Burn program is a fitness program specifically designed for women of all ages. It is a unique program as far as Yoga practice is concerned. Zoe removes the myths about yoga in this easy-to-follow fitness guide. The fitness program is divided into three main sections with each section focusing on distinct weight loss goal. Each level of the sections poses more challenge than the previous. They are the Foundational, Transitional and Mastery Flows.

  • The Foundational Flow

No other term best describes the flow than the foundational flow. This flow focuses on building a solid foundation for a successful Yoga program. It is a provision for those who are just being introduced to this program. The Foundational flow helps you make the necessary body-mind connection. At the foundational flow is the stage to build a solid yoga. The sequences and Yoga moves help shape long and lean muscles.

  • The Transitional flow

The transitional flow is designed to recall the basic moves learned in the foundational flow. It focuses on building stronger and bigger muscles. Here, you will learn how to combine the transitional moves with those learnt in the transitional flow to create a smooth Yoga flow. This phase comes with 3 workout videos targeted at three large muscle groups. They are upper body, lower body, and the core.

  • The Mastery Flow

This is the final stage of the workout program. Here, Zoe helps you combine all the moves and sequences you were introduced to in the previous two flows. The mastery flow fires up your metabolism and increases your heart rate. It is at this stage that you begin to get the rewards for all the yoga burn fat workouts you have been engaging in since the first stage. Zoe will take you through series of recall of the moves she introduced you to in the 1st and 2nd stage to foster easy recall and body definition.


The Scientific Viewpoint On The Yoga Burn Plan

It is exciting to know that there are scientific publications that support some of the claims highlighted in the Yoga Burn eBook. Da Silva et al (2010) found out that yoga is helpful in alleviating dysthymia and depression; a condition that encourages unhealthy weight gain. Likewise, Sharma&Haider (2013) established that yoga helps in the reduction of anxiety. Harmer et al (2010) discovered a significant reduction in stress, anxiety and depression levels among the participants of their study. Himelstein (2011), established that mediation during yoga helps the participants in the areas of mood, anxiety, substance abuse and depression; all of which have to do with weight loss.

The methods reported in the publications mentioned above are quite similar to Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga burn system. Zoe nails yoga fat burn workout with her employment of dynamic sequence. Dynamic sequencing is a yoga burn approach that employs sequence, duration, and consistency from the beginning to the end of the program. It is a progressive yoga fat burn workout that brings improvement to your results by increasing the challenge as your body adapts to the current one.

It is satisfying that this product comes with 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. So, if for certain reasons you aren’t satisfied with the results of the products, you could get a 100% refund.


Who Is The Yoga Burn Out A System For?

Many fitness programs out there exclude some people from their plan. Zoe, though a woman, has made this yoga to burn eBook a masterpiece as far as yoga is concerned. Her simple to follow approach makes it applicable to everybody. Women, as well as men, can use Yoga burn to solve their fitness challenges. This makes it an ideal Ebook for couples. Any woman passionate about her body will find the product an amazing one. Men and women who are longing to escape to a world of calmness and tranquility that radiates from within will find help.

Yoga burn will be of great help to those who want to follow a Yoga plan that will promote healthy weight loss. Also, yoga burn is just for those yearning for a natural way to lose weight and keep fit without the rigors of heavyweights. If you have been finding it hard to get awesome results from your yoga programs, this product will give you amazing results. Those who need yoga to burn calories or desire to use yoga to burn arm fat have also got help in this product. If you need a stay at home moderate intensity yoga program to stay fit you have got your back covered by Yoga Burn.


What Are The Features Of The Yoga Burn Ebook?

The Yoga burn features clear and easy-to-follow sequences that make for greater results. Yoga burn contains a 12-week yoga program designed specifically for women. It contains 9 basic videos plus bonuses. They are clear videos with easy-to-follow poses explained and taught by the lady behind her body secrets herself. Zoe demonstrates each sequence for you in a simple manner. The yoga fat burn review comes with yoga burn pdf.

It encourages you to keep track of your progress all through the program. Another reason you give the product a trial is the yogic poses designed to help lower cortisol, the stress hormone, produce relaxation. Now what blew my mind about this product are the tailored poses designed to meet individual needs. The video comes with bonuses like the introduction poses and the tranquility poses.


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Pros Of The Yoga Burn System

I informed you earlier that Yoga Burn program is a unique fitness plan that stands out of the pack. Here are some of the major strengths of Zoe’s Yoga system:

  1. 2 months full money back guarantee: purchasing this yoga burn program allows you to have a 100% money refund in the case that you are not satisfied with the outcome.
  2. Easy to follow: the sequences in the videos are so easy to follow that you learn and master them within a short while.
  3. Suitability: whatever your climes or yoga needs, the Yoga burn by Zoe suites all yoga needs.
  4. Convenience: with the Yoga burn program, you don’t have to visit the gym from time to time.


Cons Of Zoe’s Yoga Burn

No product is without shortcomings. What makes for a great product is how minimal the cons are. Here are some of the perceivable of the burn program:

  1. Strictly digital: this may be a disadvantage for those who are more comfortable with a live class. The program is packed with instructional videos.
  2. Results are individualistic: though the Yoga burn workout is an amazing product, it won’t work if you don’t work it. The results are based on the commitment of each participant.
  3. Elementary: those who are used to the complex Yoga sequences may find the program a bit easy and not challenging enough.



The amazing results from the Yoga Burn program make the one-term fee of purchase worthwhile. One of the best things to happen to women and fitness matters is having a progressive program as this. Through the amazing mind-body sequence that helps tone the body and relax the mind; the Yoga burn will enhance your confidence as a woman. When you engage in the follow-on instructional guide, you lose weight; feel sexier and very proud of your body. It is on this note that we recommend this product to you. Purchase the product to enjoy everything it has to offer.


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