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  • My thoughts on The Achievable Body by Mike Whitfield
  • Background information on The Achievable Body by Mike Whitfield
  • An overview of The Achievable Body Program
  • Who is The Achievable Body guide for?
  • What are the features of The Achievable Body E-book?
  • Pros and Cons of The Achievable Body system
  • Conclusion


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My Thoughts on The Achievable Body

For a long time, people didn’t really care about fitness. They ate what they wanted, slept at any time they wanted and didn’t exercise the way they should have.  However, the turnaround came when many health experts started their propaganda on the benefits of eating right and exercising the way you ought to.

Many fitness experts joined this movement and this has helped transform the diet and weight loss industry. If you are already part of this movement then I am happy for you. But I can’t help but think of the millions of people out there that have tried many rigorous exercises with little or no result to show for it.  If you fall into this category, then I am delighted to tell you about the The Achievable Body e-book by Mike Whitfield. The Achievable Body blueprint is an e-book that reveals to you why you don’t need to go through exercise hell or diet hell to lose weight. The basic thing you have to know is how to increase your metabolism, detox regularly and do some exercises for just few minutes daily.

The Achievable Body PDF is downloadable and it comes with many bonuses that will make you wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner. If after reading our review and you’re still on the fence about it, you can search online for The Achievable Body Blueprint reviews written by people that have used the guide themselves. Mike Whitfield believes you can get The Achievable body if you follow his steps. But why should you believe him? Let me help you answer that questions by telling you more about him.


Background information on Mike Whitfield

Exercise and body fitness is such a sensitive topic these days. Personally, I wouldn’t want to take advice from just anybody about how to get the achievable body. If I’m going to take the advice and buy the product, the person really has to have some level of expertise in the subject matter. The person should also be someone that has gone through the process. Thankfully, Mike Whitfield fits the category quite well.

Mike Whitfield, the author of The Achievable body spent most of his life recording jaw-breaking results on the weighing scale. In fact, at one point in his life, Mike was weighing over 300 pounds! He decided he had had enough and began the journey to fitness. A few years later when Mike climbed the weighing scale again, he discovered he had lost more than 125 pounds in just a few years!

His fitness journey which basically comprised of his struggles and successes with nutrition and exercise led him to become a personal trainer. His eBooks and articles have been published in numerous magazines and platforms such as Yahoo, Turbulence Training, Men’s Health and much more.

In 2013, Mike Whitfield was named the Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year because it was discovered that his fitness advice wasn’t the conventional one. His advice is modelled after experience and careful research which has made him a profound authority in the area of diet and fitness for decades.


An overview of The Achievable Body Program

Have you ever tried all you could to lose weight? Perhaps you went on many famous diets. Perhaps you even registered in the gym and you go five times a week but you’re not seeing the desired result. Perhaps you spent so much on “healthy foods” but the result wasn’t weight loss but weight gain. Let me tell you that all hope isn’t lost.

According to Mike Whitfield, most people, especially those that are 35 years and older find it harder to shed weight because they are experiencing Metabolic Damage. Once you experience Metabolic Damage, hardcore workout programs, detoxes, and even the best diet will not work for weight loss. The key in Mike Whitfield’s opinion is for everybody that want to lose weight must find a way to re-tune their resting metabolic point. That basically means you have to find a way to induce your body to burn fat even while you’re resting. So no vigorous stair climbing. No burpees until you can barely breathe. And no running of miles that make you collapse in bed for days afterwards. All you have to do is discover the secret to making your body burn fat while it is resting.

In The Achievable Body E-book, Mike Whitfield propounded his famous “4 Transformation Pillars” which will help you lose weight. They include controlling your hormones, activating your “hot zones” without any tiring workout, secrets on how to increase your metabolic rate and eating anything you want three days every week.

It wouldn’t be nice to reveal all that’s in the book here but we are always here to give you the best and honest review. So more importantly, some of the things you will learn in The Achievable Body PDF are:

  • Twenty-one proven secrets from the famous Mike Whitfield on how to increase your metabolism in less than ten minutes.
  • Detailed explanation of many weight loss approaches including how to identify the one that will work best for you and what to do when you face weight loss obstacles.
  • Comprehensive list of foods that you can eat for just four days that will increase your metabolism. So you can eat whatever you want three days a week.
  • How to improve your digestion and purge toxins from your body which can lead to significant weight loss and energy boost.
  • Series of videos for the first eight weeks and a daily schedule so you can always know your next step.
  • Tracking sheets so you can actively follow your progress.

These points highlight just a few thing you will be getting from the minute you download The Achievable Body PDF by Mike Whitfield. Did I mention you might also be getting some bonuses? Keep reading to find out more about this fantastic package.


Who are The Achievable Body guides for?

My dear, you are absolutely not compelled to buy this eBook. Not by the author, not by your family or friend and not even by us at TopClassReviews. Our duty is just to give an honest and unbiased opinion about the eBook so you can make an informed decision.

I wouldn’t like to spend money on a product I don’t need and I believe you wouldn’t either. So who exactly needs The Achievable Body guides? Which category of people should be interested in making a purchase as soon as possible?

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight: If you are 1000% serious about losing some weight and losing it quickly, you need this eBook. Notice that I said 1000% and not 100%. That is because this eBook is for anyone that is very committed to shedding fat and keeping the fat off as well.
  • Anyone that wants a slimmer waistline: A very simple secret to it is revealed in The Achievable Body blueprint.
  • Anyone interested in knowing more about detoxification: A lot of individuals forget the place of toxins in losing weight. When you decide to detoxify, you will lose weight and your skin will become clearer. But that’s not all you need to know about detoxification. More about it is revealed by Mike Whitfield.
  • Anyone that wants to know what to do to boost their metabolism: Just like detoxification, metabolism also makes a great difference in overall weight loss. Some people after following The Achievable Body PDF have reported feeling much more energized compared to their former self. Is this you aim as well? Then you need this e-book.
  • Anyone that wants to finally take control of their fitness: If you have been making many resolutions about taking control of your fitness but you never get round to it, the time is now. Bear it in mind that you do not need to start rigorously because chances are you might become discouraged. You need to take it easy with yourself.


What are the features of The Achievable Body E-book?

Mike Whitfield took the time to highlight how you can get that dream body you have ever wanted without exerting yourself at the gym or starving yourself. His methods have been used by himself to lose more than 100 pounds and they have also been used by thousands of other people. Some of the features of The Achievable Body e-book are:



The main e-book titled “The Achievable Body: A Simple, Doable Plan to Become leaner, Stronger and Resilient”. This is the main program and which shows you everything you need to know about weight loss in a swift but understandable step-by-step guide. Mike injected humor in his eBook. So you’re assured of having a good laugh as you’re reading.

The bonus “The Achievable Body: Hot Zone Formula” which is designed to help you achieve a slimmer waistline. It is also designed to help you get rid of any muffin top or love handle you may have. How, you may ask? Well, Mike has some parts of the body he like to call the “Hot Zones”. By targeting these zones, you can burn calories pretty fast. Moreover, this bonus e-book also has a number of videos in it so you have no excuse to not take part in the exercises.

Another bonus eBook titled “The Achievable Body: Motivation and Rapid Success Formula” which is basically designed to help you figure out your body goals. Mike believes that once you figure out your goals, you can tweak the program to be suit your body needs.

The bonus “21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism” eBook which comprises what the title connotes. You will learn the amazing well-kept secrets on how to boost your metabolism so you can burn fat.


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Scientific Viewpoint

Obesity has slowly and steadily become the order of the day in modern US. More than 65% of individuals in our country have been classified as overweight while one third has been classified as obese [1]. This rate might seem quite small to you but when compared to what the numbers were in 1970’s, this is an unsatisfactory data. To help manage weight loss and obesity, clinical method such as drugs and surgery have been employed [2].

This is unlike the approach Mike Whitfield is employing. Mike believes that you don’t need anything other than eating the right meals, detoxing regularly and just a little exercise to lose weight. Right now, there’s no scientific research that supports Mike’s claim. However, science is a work in progress. That we couldn’t find any information to validate Mike Whitfield’s claim does not make it entirely false. The great news is that this product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so if it doesn’t meet your expectation, you can get a refund.


Pros and Cons of the Secrets to The Achievable Body system

At this stage, you’re probably still on the fence about this product which I understand and can relate with perfectly. You will agree that a good decision is not usually made unless and until you weigh the pros and cons of such action. With that in mind, here are some advantages and disadvantages of The Achievable Body PDF.


The Pros

  • It was created by an expert: Who better to advise you on fitness, food, metabolism and detoxification other than someone who is a living proof that it is possible to loss weight? . Mike Whitfield has experience with weight loss and weight gain so obviously, his words will be like nuggets of wisdom.
  • You can customize it to fit your needs: Getting fit is not a “one size fits all” case. What Mr A. wants might not be what Mr. B wants. So with this e-book, you have the chance to evaluate what you really want for your body so you can customize the workout and meal plan to suit your needs.
  • There’s no need to count calories: If you have ever gone on those programs that require you to count calories, then you know how annoying it can be. But with The Achievable Body blueprint, you have no need to count calories.
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to follow instructions: You don’t have to worry about the complexity of instructions with this book. Mike Whitfield has broken them all down to the extent that even an adolescent can understand all the instructions. Moreover, there are some videos you can watch if you feel lost at any time.
  • No need to buy workout equipment: Buying equipment can be quite daunting when you want to lose weight. This is especially true when the fitness expert claims you cannot lose weight without them. Mike Whitfields’s “The Achievable Body e-book” is nothing like that. The workouts take 30 seconds each and you have no need to purchase equipment.
  • You can eat your favourite foods freely: Many fitness experts claim you have to let many foods go to achieve your body goals. But Mike say no! There are no strict diets in this e-book. In fact, Mike lists put foods you can eat freely at least three times a week without counting calories.
  • Can be picked up at any time: This e-book can be picked up to read at any time, even if it’s in a few months to come.
  • 60 day money back guarantee: If you do use the eBook and you see no changes in your body, you can easily get a refund back within 60 days of purchase.


The Cons

  • It’s a digital product: This product is not available in stores. It’s a product you can only access via an electronic device so if you’re not someone that like to read through that medium, you might not like this product.
  • You have to be consistent: Mike has said it over and over again that consistency is key in getting your desired results. So if you take a break of two weeks or more from the program, you might be on the losing end eventually.
  • Results can vary: Although the program states that you will see results within 21 days if you’re consistent, you have to bear in mind that result will vary. People lose weight at different paces. Your pace might be quite fast. It might also be quite slow.



Is The Achievable Body blueprint guide worth getting? Well, you’re in a better position to know that. However, we have attempted to show you how important it is for you to be fit. Fitness has more to do with your overall well being.

The steps and stages might be challenging and tasking for you depending on what you’re used to. So if you’re looking for a body miracle with little or no work, forget about buying The Achievable Body eBook. However, if commitment, patience, dedication and resilience is what you have when it comes to your fitness, by all means, buy this guide and stick to it. You already know there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product. . So what do you have to lose by giving it a trial?


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[1] G. A. Bray, ‘Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss’, JAMA, 307 (2012), 2641-42.

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