Today I received a lot of questions and when we ranked them, we discovered that a lot of the comments were focused on the credibility of Binaural beats as stated in the Secret Brain System by Winter Vee. I will also attend to other question in this post but more emphasis will be placed on the validity of Binaural beats for achieving extraordinary success in every human endeavor.

In 1800, a French scientist named Pierre Janet discovered that the human mind could be reprogramed 2. People looking to improve their lives can prime their brain to achieve the success they desire. However, this discovery was not fully embraced until the 21st Century. The invention of suiting sound systems, faster internet access and mp3 files made it much easier to create diverse musical tones at a different frequency. This infrastructure helped the growth of the binaural beats and its diverse application today.

The brain has been reported to exist in 5 states, namely Gamma, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Beta and they can be detected by measuring the electrical activity in the brain. For instance, the Beta signal is associated with mental disorder, depression and emotional disorder. However, if the right Beta signal is released to the brain through a combination of sounds at the specific frequency it will increase the energy level and create attentiveness and concentration. This will ultimately get rid of the emotional and mental disorder.

The healing power of music using binaural beats is outstanding. A study conducted in Germany looking at how people respond to different Monoaural beats lucid dreaming frequency just to verify if lucid dreaming monoaural beats worked 1. They examined the impact of monoaural beat on anxiety, mood and memory performance by exposing the participant to different sound frequencies. Theta (6 Hz), alpha (10 Hz) and gamma (40 Hz) beat frequencies for just 5 minutes after which they were engaged to evaluate their working memory processing, mood, and anxiety. The report showed that there was a positive effect, particularly the anxiety level. Imagine what could have been achieved if the monoaural beats sound exposure was extended for an hour.

Apart from getting rid of anxiety, the Binaural beat have also been reported to help attain deep meditative state quickly and easily. There are also claims that the beats can be used to manage stress and pain, especially for athletes during rigorous exercise and fitness routine.

Creativity is something we all desire at the workplace and it can be hard to find but not with the Binaural beats. It has been reported to help jump-start our creative thoughts, intuition, and concentration mode. I am certain your next question is what is the proof that binaural beats work for studying, working and weight loss?

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