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  • My thoughts
  • Background information on Joey Atlas
  • An overview of the Cellulite Gone Program
  • Who is the Cellulite Gone Program for?
  • What are the features of the Cellulite Gone Program E-book?
  • Scientific viewpoint
  • Pros and cons of the Cellulite Gone Program?
  • Conclusion

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My Thoughts on Cellulite Gone Program

Cellulite is the non-inflammatory pathology of subcutaneous cells affecting over 80% of post-pubertal females. This happens when there is deposition of excessive fat from food which is not utilized by the body. In simple terms, cellulite is a topographic change that occurs in the female body.

It is revealed in form of a dimple and it spreads around the woman’s pelvic region, abdomen, and lower limbs.1 It gives an ugly view. If you feel bad when you look at the mirror and see sagging, dimpled skin upon your hips and thighs? You aren’t alone. Not so attractive, eh? Lots of women; even men suffer from this stubborn and embarrassing condition.

There are several reports on the best way to remove or reduce cellulite in the body. Some folks even believe cellulite can only be cured by diet, body wrapping, painful treatments, (which are fake most times) and lotions. Is this truly possible?

Joey Atlas in Cellulite Gone busts this myth.  Instead, he uses a DVD video blog which reveals the truth about how to say goodbye to cellulite before and after by using the Symulast video exercises.

We know cellulite can be an itch that doesn’t just want to go away. Joey Atlas’ exercises blogs are a series of exercises that promise to help you regain that breathtaking figure you once had.

The Cellulite Gone system consists of a series of exercises which help to control and condition your body to give you the desired appearance. It also includes recipes that are specially designed to improve your body appearance. You will also receive data about certain products that should never be used.


Background Information on Joey Atlas

Joey Atlas is the founder of the company, Joe E. Atlas Inc. based in Florida. Atlas established the company in 1999 because he wanted to be the sole supplier/distributor for his unique and mind-blowing body-enhancing fitness coaching solutions specially designed for women.

In case you are wondering if Joey Atlas is his real name or not, well… it’s his professional name. His real name is Joseph Gennusa. His last name “Atlas” was given by the late Michael Lewis when he hired Joey as his personal trainer. Interestingly, Mike was Joey’s first client.


Why use the name “Atlas”?

Joey told Mike his goal was to help people all over the world to achieve fitness with his own unique methods and style. Therefore, Mike suggested that he use the professional name “Joey Atlas”, which means “Joey who helps the world”. To him, it was easy to remember, and the name meant something good.

While he is not a physician, Joey Atlas is an expert famous for providing fitness programs and coaching strategies specially designed for females with body issues and cellulite reduction is top on his scale of preference.t..

Joey Atlas has a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from Long Island University (1997); Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from the State University of New York, Buffalo (1992). Joey has 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a Healthy Lifestyle Consultant and Personal Trainer.


An Overview of the Cellulite Gone Plan

With a career in the fitness industry spanning over 15 years, Joey Atlas believes the first and only way you can completely and permanently get rid of cellulite is by knowing the truth about it. Cellulite is a condition that affects thousands of women of any age worldwide.

Characterized by its ‘citrus peel’ appearance of the skin surface, located mainly on the external and backsides of the thighs, on the buttocks, or even on the abdomen; cellulite falls into the aesthetic field and is not considered a disease.2

While the exact cause of cellulite is unknown, women with cellulite have connective tissues that are arranged differently. The connective tissue forms chamber-like structures that cause or motivates fat to move upward and outward into the dermis.

Other factors that encourage the presence of cellulite include hormone and age, heredity, and diet and lifestyle (people who eat foods extremely rich in fat, carbohydrate and salt, and a little amount of fiber have a greater risk of having cellulite). Cellulite occurs in lean women and obese women and men. It’s therefore not surprising that lean women, especially athletic women also have lots of cellulite.  However, weight gain can accentuate the appearance of cellulite. 3

cellulite can make a beautiful lady look lazy, unfit, unattractive and unlovable; even unacceptable? If you feel so ashamed, embarrassed and frustrated then you should do something about your cellulite deposit? Trust me you are not alone!

There are simple exercises that can help tackle cellulite. The Joey Atlas Cellulite Gone Exercise which is demonstrated in video format is worth giving a try.

The Cellulite Gone Program consists of movement exercises that will help you discover salient facts about cellulite. You will discover things such as:

  • The #1 secret on how you can achieve at any age; a sexy lower body.
  • The unique way of smoothing and tightening thighs, legs, hips, and buns.
  • The subtle movements that have been tested and proven to clear nasty bumps and dimples on your skin.




Who is the Cellulite Gone System For?

This Cellulite Gone review is for women who are searching for ways to remove excess body fat. The wonderful thing about the Cellulite Gone Plan is the fact that it was designed by someone with a feeling of deep empathy and understanding garnered through a painful series of life and weight challenges Joey Atlas experienced.

Having struggled with extreme psychological effects of negative body image is whole life, one can easily relate to the program because it comes from a highly authentic angle; plus a sincere understanding of what it feels like to lack self-confidence due to body issues.

Therefore, Joey Atlas’ Cellulite Gone Exercise is his tireless motivation aimed at helping women all over the world gain back their stunning body and confidence. One of our core responsibilities is to provide you with a comprehensive report to help you determine if the product is right for you.

The categories of people suitable for the Cellulite Gone System are:

  • Women who suffer from cellulite, particularly cellulite around the lower areas of the body.
  • Women who not only want to improve their appearance and form but also eliminate trouble zones in their body.
  • Women who want to get rid of cellulite without any “special” creams or expensive gear within 4 weeks.
  • Women who want to feel confident about their skin, and can flaunt it during summer without being sneered at or embarrassed.


What are the Features of the Cellulite Gone System?

The Cellulite Gone Program is a video program by Joey Atlas that busts a lot of myths about cellulite formation. Some of the features included in the treatment course are:

Each person enrolling in the Cellulite Gone Program receives cardio sheets for lowering the fat percentage in the body. With the Cellulite Gone Guide, you will notice a before and after difference.

Since it’s available in DVD and video format, it’s easy to practice the Cellulite Gone Exercises in the comfort of your home.

The Joey Atlas DVD program blog is well written and well-balanced; therefore, making it easy for people in all parts of the world.

Bonuses included targeting arms and the tummy. You’ll also receive a video called “Flat, Sexy Stomach” and another named “Tightly Toned Arms”.

Private/lifetime subscription where you will receive additional tips and tricks to get rid of cellulite.

At the SYMULAST method official website, some of the hot tips and secrets you’ll get from the Joey Atlas Cellulite Gone Video Program includes:

  • Why compression garments and brushing of the skin can NEVER help you improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Why some of the popular anti-cellulite treatments may worsen the condition instead of being a solution.
  • Why some of the proposed exercises might make the bumps and dimples to become more pronounced than EVER.
  • Why knowing what cellulite means is a MUST if you TOTALLY want to get rid of it completely. You will also gain insight into why this is a very important secret that has been kept off from frustrated women who need the information desperately.


Scientific Viewpoint on the Cellulite Gone guide

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge”. This was a quote by Thomas Berger. This tells us that science has a way of fact-checking assertions. What does scientific community tell us about cellulite and how do their findings compare to Joey Atlas Cellulite Gone product.

Yes, we know you are interested in purchasing Cellulite Gone by Joey Atlas. However, we decided to go a step further by looking for scientific opinions on the treatment of cellulite. After all, knowledge is power!

There are two prominent scientific approaches to the treatment of cellulite: surgery and mechanical therapy.

One of the causes of cellulite is skin looseness or so-called skin compliance increase after weight loss, which can adversely affect the skin dimpling.  In addition, weight loss has also been reported to induce cellulite deposition on the skin. Treatment modalities for cellulite range from topical creams to invasive procedures, such as laser-assisted lipolysis and liposuction. Most of these treatments all claim to work somehow – few actually do work, and many works with unpredictable results. 3

On the other hand, mechanical massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and connective tissue manipulation techniques offer to save and effective methods for cosmetic local fat reduction or distribution from the waist-buttocks and thighs. When treatment groups were compared, patients in the mechanical massage group showed better results in suprailium fat thickness, while the manual lymphatic drainage group showed better results in thigh circumference. We think reduction thigh volume is dependent on wearing compression stocking all day long. 4

The Cellulite Gone Program by Joey Atlas is also a form of mechanical therapy. However, the only distinction is that while science refers to the use of mechanical massage and the use of compression stocking, the Cellulite Gone System purely makes use of exercises (physiology-based muscle movements) to help women achieve the desired results.

While the Cellulite Gone Guide sounds too good to be true, a large section of users had positive reviews to give about the product. Therefore, in a bid to ensure you don’t lose your money, after all, the Cellulite Gone Program by Joey Atlas comes with 60 days full money back guarantee.


Pros & Cons of the Cellulite Gone Program?

While no product can be deemed perfect, after evaluating this product, we bring to you benefits to gain from the Cellulite Gone E-book.


The Cellulite Gone Program was created by a real expert:

Joey Atlas boasts of a pedigree of over 25 years in the fitness industry. He has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and also a master’s degree in Exercise Science. This, therefore, makes him someone who has garnered a lot of experience in the field.

Moreover, users have complimented Joey of having a fantastic customer support. He also responds to emails quickly which is a huge bonus point because new customers are always confused at the beginning of the program.

Very comprehensive:

The Program is very comprehensive unlike similar programs online. When you purchase the Cellulite Gone Program, you’ll get several guides, useful video tutorials, home exercises DVD, a lifetime subscription to “The Cellulite Files” by Joey Atlas, (without additional cost; which is rare), and other items that would help you get desired results fast and safely.

User-Friendly Program which can be done in the comfort of your home:

The program consists of Cellulite Gone Exercises which can easily be done in the privacy of your home without the use of any special gear. Moreover, the entire workout takes about 20 minutes; which ensures that valuable time isn’t lost. This is feature is particularly helpful for busy women.

Very affordable:

The Cellulite Gone Program is very affordable and helps save you a lot of money. At a one-time reasonable price, you get a complete program that can be followed in your home without any expensive gear or gym memberships.

The product has a 100% guarantee:

The Cellulite Gone Program comes with an authentic 60 days of full money back guarantee. Therefore, if for any reason the Cellulite Gone Exercises don’t work; you can be assured that Joey Atlas will fully refund your money back.

Joey Atlas’ Cellulite Gone Plan is all natural:

You are guaranteed to see results in less than 7 days.  Joey also guarantees that no chemical product would be used during the duration of the treatment.


While some users claimed that Cellulite Gone aided weight loss, a section of users discovered that wasn’t true. The Cellulite Gone System isn’t a diet program and therefore, won’t help you lose fat. Joey Atlas’ main target in his Cellulite Gone Program is to help you develop muscle tone to prevent the look of your cellulite.

It can only be purchased online. You won’t find the Cellulite Gone Guide at stores.

The product requires your willingness to create time and apply the instructions as stated by Joey Atlas.  It might be a bit tasking at the beginning but ones you put your heart, it is a done deal.



Should you get the Cellulite Gone Program?

In this Cellulite Gone review, we have outlined what cellulite is and how Joey Atlas tackles this embarrassing condition.  The Cellulite Gone Program offers very clear and step-by-step instructions, which is very rare in most cellulite reduction programs.

In addition, the Cellulite Gone Exercises can be done in the comfort of your home without expensive gears or gym memberships.  The Cellulite Gone System has a great customer support and is very affordable in terms of money.

However, the Cellulite Gone program is NOT a fairy godmother with a magic wand to make your cellulite disappear instantly. Without commitment and a deep level of dedication, you won’t see results.  If you are looking for a ‘quick fix solution” to your cellulite, the Cellulite Gone Plan by Joey Atlas isn’t for you!  However, it is a user-friendly and comprehensive program made by a genuine women fitness expert. It is investment-worthy and comes with 60 days of full money back guarantee. Therefore, we believe Cellulite Gone by Joey Atlas is worth a try.





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