Hello, fellow readers, please keep the question coming and as usual I will always try to respond as quickly as I can. How do you clear your Chakra points was the top question for this week? I am happy that you guys have gone through the comprehensive review I wrote on Chakra Activation System by Stephanie Mulac. I will use this short article to try and answer some of the pressing questions that were received while focusing on how do you clear your Chakra points. I did a bit of research by looking into journal paper just to find verifiable answers to the question and publications from Lu, et al. 1 and Lutgendorf and Mullen 2 caught my attention.

Unblocking the Chakra flow is not a new procedure it can be learned by any beginner. The good thing about it is that you can also administer to a friend or family. An example of Chakra control is mind relaxation. You achieve mind relaxation by unblocking the energy flow at certain points in the body. If you place your hand at a specific point on the head and base of the head to reconnect the energy flow thus releasing the cranial and spinal energetic flow and this will promote relaxation of the body. In another case where a patient had just undergone chemotherapy her left hand was placed over her liver while her right hand was held lover than her right hand to unblock energy flow, remove emotional debris and cause Chakra release. A speedy recovery was observed.

This procedure is not complicated but they require your expertise to know the right place to touch or approach to take if you noticed Chakra imbalance in your body.  There are specific Chakra points in the body and so are the techniques available to address this issues. For gastrointestinal symptoms, such as loss of appetite and constipation there are certain points in the body that can be touched to reverse the condition. Also for menopausal symptoms and neuropathy, there are points in the body that simple touch and massage can be used to increase the energy flow and bring relief to the individual

Chakra flow is not just limited to ailment but also work productivity and creativity. There are times when you don’t feel like going to work or you find yourself weak and unable to generate new ideas. These are symptoms of Chakra blockage and a simple Chakra balancing massage and exercise can be deployed to reverse that condition.

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