Hello, fellow readers, please keep the question coming and as usual I will always try to respond as quickly as I can. How Does Positive Thinking Works? I am happy that you guys have gone through the comprehensive review I wrote on Reality Bending Secrets by David Orwell’s. Do you recall the reigning heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua? Who rose from prison into punching his way into winning the WBA title? Have you wondered how he was able to turn his adversity into success? I also wonder how he did it. One thing is certain he wasn’t looking back but forward. He had is an eye on every opponent on the ringside and he set his eyes on the WBA belt and now he holds the belt. I believe this mindset guided his attitude and ultimately produced the success he is currently enjoying.

How does positive thought help in bending reality into what we want? It’s called attitude or action. You see the human mind has massive power over our attitude towards life and if we want to change our lives, then change your mind and attitude will follow. For every thought, there is the need for an attitude that will manifest it. People go to the gym because they have a virtual image of themselves in a fit physical state and they take action by exercising and eating healthy food. There is no way you can narrow your thought on the experience you want out of life that you won’t be propelled to pursue it. Thought are powerful to change our reality or fantasy so its time to start thinking big and acting in accordance. You have to picture this life as a jungle where your survival depends on your ability to find a solution to the daunting situation you find yourself. There is always a way out of any predicament if you can focus your mind on how to get out of it.

Always ask the right question and your mind will produce the right answer or lead you to who will provide you with the answers that you seek. Don’t sit down thinking why but how? The mind is like a google search engine always looking for the closest answer to your question about life and the truth is that your adrenaline will hit the roof to give your body the stamina to pursue the right answer. This explains the reason why entrepreneurs are always energetic and dedicated to their dreams. They spend their time and resources chasing their dreams because that is what they spend the bulk of their time meditating on. If you are wondering how does thinking help change a current reality, just pause and look at your life and you will realize you are a product of your own thought.


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