Thank you for taking time to turn in your questions from my honest review of Zoe Bary-Cotton’s Yoga Burn. I do believe that the review was as helpful as you needed it to be. This article is designed to answer one of the questions that you sent to me based on the review. Firstly, how does yoga work on our body? There are several reviews on the spiritual and mental benefits of yoga practices. Some of these literature contain high sounding yoga jargons that shed minimal light on how yoga works on your body. I hope this review will be what you need it to be: a simple explanation on how yoga works on your body.

Starting your day with some yoga poses exposes you to the numerous yoga morning benefits. Engaging in yoga every morning helps set up your organs for optimal productivity. It also curbs unhealthy cravings, thereby ensuring a healthy body weight. Unhealthy craving is a result of blocked energy paths. Your system begins to malfunction and send wrong signals to your brain when your energy paths are blocked. However, engaging in yoga helps clear your energy paths and rejuvenates your system. Another good way through which yoga helps your body, it increases the secretion of feel-good hormones in your body. This keeps the secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol, in a minimal amount. For a great body start engaging in yoga in the morning for weight loss.

What other benefit is greater than starting your day on a good mental note? Lack of mental alertness is one of the reasons people indulge in substance abuse that is injurious to their bodies. Research has it that an increase in abuse of substances like Cocaine and Codeine predisposes people to organ failures and other adverse body effects. Some people who engage in abuse of substances do so to clear that foggy effect caused by blocked energy channels. Thankfully, yoga helps to open your energy paths and clears the foggy sensation that accompanies increased stress hormones. Engaging in about 15 minutes of easy-to-follow yoga programs every morning gives amongst other benefits, mental alertness. It is a good way to help you remember tasks and take charge of your situations without any form of substance abuse.

One of the effects of trapped energy and blocked energy paths are rough and brittle skin. Your skin is the organ that reflects the state of your body. It is the organ through which you feel and relate to your world. If there is disharmony in your mind, soul, and body; your body reflects this by getting dry and unattractive. You can avoid a lot of skin issues by simply engaging in a consistent yoga practice. Yoga poses and breathing sequences help release shots of fresh blood into your body. Engaging in yoga in the morning ensures an even circulation of oxygenated to every part of your body. Truth is that your skin benefits a lot when oxygenated blood gets pumped into your various body parts. Yoga morning benefits include a well-toned body and defined muscles.

I believe you found this article very useful. I would appreciate a feedback from you. Keep the questions coming. You have my promise to attend to them as soon as I can.


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