Thank you for taking time to go through my honest review of the Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton. I appreciate the questions and the comments you dropped. Firstly, is yoga good for your health?

You need to understand that good health isn’t an absence of diseases. Rather it is a state of harmony between your spirit, soul, and body. Attaining this harmonious relationship among the three core aspects of human existence is naturally difficult. However, the underline goal of yogic moves is to bring about this harmony. One of the huge benefits of yoga in the morning is helping you to establish a connection among these three crucial aspects of your being. Having a regular 10 minutes yoga program in the morning starts your day on a note of tranquility and calmness. Good health begins when you can connect and make these three aspects of your existence relate harmoniously. Doing this will expose you to the amazing benefits of yoga for weight loss.

In the same vein, another fact that makes yoga beneficial to your health is the effect it has on your mental well-being. The mental benefits of yoga are of great importance to your overall well-being. These mental benefits include alertness, ability to multitask and ability to set and execute a task. Yoga explores the inherent ability of people to focus on a thing while shutting their minds to other activities around them. Yoga uses deep meditations that help you channel your concentration to a specific task while you become oblivious of the happenings around you. This approach has a positive effect on your mind mental health. The deep concentration and shutting off your mind on other background noises help improve your level of concentration. Mentally, through yoga, you become more alert and able to focus on a problem until it is solved.

A lot has been said about the mental as well as the physical benefits of yoga. However, the spiritual benefits of yoga haven’t been much talked about. The art of learning to know your inner self and relish in the pleasure of self-discovery is spiritual. Through yoga, you are made to escape from your immediate realities which may be of sorrows, disappointments and other forms of woes. Yoga serves as an escape mode from your present ugly situations into a state of bliss, joy, and peace that your soul longs for. For instance, engaging in Dhyana yoga and Kriya yoga on a regular basis translates you to a world of unhindered peace and tranquility where your fears have no place. Like every other spiritual activity, you return from such spiritual voyage more energized and encouraged to see your situations in a more positive way. This might just be the state you need to proffer a workable solution to your problems.

I do hope that this review delivered what it promised; to answer the question is yoga good for your health? Kindly send your comments, feedbacks and any other questions you might have for the review of Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton.


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