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The review will be covering the following contents:

  • My thoughts
  • Background information on Winter Vee An overview of Secret Brain program
  • Who is the Secret Brain system for?
  • What are the features of the Secret Brain guide
  • Pros and cons of the Secret Brain Audio Track
  • Conclusion
  • References


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My Thoughts On The Secret Brain System By Winter Vee

We start with the Secret Brain System, a product for your personal improvement and wellbeing. The science behind this product is explicitly about programming your brain to achieve a desired response and function. It is otherwise called brainwave entertainment and there are claims that it can be used to achieve actions like relaxation and sleeping. This is usually achieved when audio signals are introduced to the brain at a specific frequency to stimulate brainwave pattern which is synonymous to a certain outcome such as sleep, productivity, happiness, creativity, motivation and works focus.

Currently there three different brain entertainment that can be used to achieve this result, binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. At first, I was mesmerized by the science and technology behind this innovation but as I started making my findings I realized that this technology has been around for thousands of years but in its crude form. It reminds me of the humming sounds of the early men and how they used it for relaxation after a long day. It is good that science has been able to pick up this old tradition and convert it into a useful tool for achieving work productivity and focus, meditation, relaxation and pain management.

A recent publication by  Chaieb, et al. 1 showed that “a short application of monaural beat stimulation to healthy human participants was able to reduce the feeling of anxiety”. This finding supports the claims that brain entertainment has a positive impact on the human body. However, let’s dive into Winter Vee’s claims of creativity, happiness, productivity, and others as outlined in the Secret Brain Guide.


Background Information On Winter Vee -Author Of The Secret Brain System

Winter Vee is an adventurer, entrepreneur and the author of the bestselling books and the Secret Brain Audio Track is currently one of his bestselling product. He also authored the Millionaire’s Brain. Having overcome numerous odds in his life, he now seeks and seizes every opportunity to share his knowledge to everyone who desires to achieve or supersede his level of accomplishment. The Secret Brain system represents one of his deepest secrets, after years of practice and repeated result he decided to pour it all in the Secret Brain Audio Track. The unique thing about the Secret Brain program is that it uses just the Binaural beats to bring people into a powerful and influential state of focus, relaxation, and productivity. This is a rare process and it’s not hypnosis but the simple science of sound and music.


An Overview Of Secret Brain Program

Many of us think of a time when a scientist will do something amazing like take us back in time but today is not the day. For Winter Vee it’s just a collection audio beats, this product focuses on helping people maximise their potential in life. The Secret Brain program is a collection of audio beats that help induce the subconscious mind to resonate with that beat causing the listener to slip into a state of unimaginable productivity, focus, relaxation, and creativity.

Winter Vee’s approach to the Secret Brain program is strictly the use of Binaural beats as mentioned earlier and there are 10 powerful audio tracks in the package with each of them having a different purpose. The Binaural beat contains different sound frequency overlaid with music and some verbal guidance. Each ear receives different frequency so a headphone is recommended. For instance, if a differential of 13-39 Hz of frequency is received by the brain after listening to the audio track it puts the brain in an alpha state. The alpha state induces a much more relaxed state in us, we are awake but with much less stress and active thought. This is like a drowsy state.

Apart from the alpha state, there is the theta state where the individual can meditate, with dreams and flickering eyelids. The frequency of the beats you select depends on what you are seeking to accomplish. For instance, the theta beats are thought to help increase learning. Basically, this is an audio therapy with different tracks and beats aimed at helping people to remain in a productive state.


Who Are The Secret Brain System For?

Winter Vee’s has recorded thousands of positive feedback and breakthrough form users of the Secret Brain system. However, this does not mean the product is for every person or will work for all and sundry. Life is never black and white and so is everything out there. However, it is better to first discover if this product is for you before even contemplating if it will deliver as stated. After carefully going through the product, it became apparent that this is targeted at some elected people.

You are likely to require this product if you fall within the category listed below.

  • If you are an athlete or you do regular exercise and fitness routines.
  • If you must deal with deadlines at the workplace
  • If you desire creativity in writing, artistry or innovative projects
  • If your job requires you being able to control your emotions and be calm
  • If you are always stressed and need to increase your level of concentration
  • If you are always depressed, anxious and lack the power to get things done


What Are The Features Of The Secret Brain?

The Secret Brain Audio beats from Winter Vee’s product has 10 tracks for 10 different purposes and they are highlighted below

  • Track 1: Strength and determination to complete your routine workout
  • Track 2: To boost your creativity, cognition and lower your anxiety
  • Track 3: This will help you achieve the perfect state of calmness
  • Track 4: Increase your concentration for higher understanding and assimilation
  • Track 5: Increase your productivity at the workplace by leaving your energy gates wide open
  • Track 6: A state of less stress and calmness
  • Track 7: High level of concentration and productivity
  • Track 8: Recommend for high-level workout session as it helps in self-preservation
  • Track 9: Happiness and fulfillment
  • Track 10: Internal gut and strength to get through a task


Apart from the tracks, there are also some special bonuses on Secret Brain system which are directed at improving your behavioral Pattern for a better result on the binaural beats. They are;

  • Boundless Energy: This is strictly for increasing work productivity when a quick outburst of energy is needed
  • Revitalizing sleep: This is an additional resource for increasing your state of resentfulness
  • Behavioral transformation: This helps you eliminate some attitude that might interfere with the performance of the audio therapy.


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Pros And Cons Of The Secret Brain Audio Track

The Pros

  • Convince: This is an audio product apart from the bonuses you can download it on your phone devices and listen to it at your own timing wherever and whenever you choose.
  • Scientific: There are scientific report to show that Binaural beats have positive impact on humans and the claims of increasing productivity and happiness have been well documented in scientific literature 1
  • Multipurpose application There are 10 tracks in the Secret Brain System and each of them can help you achieve numerous psychological state for great output.
  • Economical: The product is at a one-off cost which leaves you with an audio therapy that you can use repeatedly to reinstate yourself into high focusing power or happy mood. No need to visit a therapist that will continue to take your money.
  • Money back guaranteed: The author of this product Winter Vee has promised full refund within 60 days of product purchase. This is one of the requirements for enlisting product on Click Bank.
  • A gifted product: This is a good gift product you can give a friend struggling with stress, low work output, and depression.


The Cons

  • Patience: This is not magic so you need to apply yourself and be patient as the expect output gradually build up in you
  • Diligence: You will have to take time to listen to the track without distraction
  • Digital: This is a digital product which means you need internet and a computing device.
  • Desire: How desperate her you for the result and a change of level? You need to show that you want this
  • Discount: The discount on this product is just for a limited period.



In our opinion, we recommend the Secret Brain System because some of the claims has been reported in scientific literature. The product promises key benefits like productivity, happiness, sleep, meditation, creativity and overall brain function. These are an issue that people grapple with daily and are often left at the mercy of therapist.

The product is a no-brainer as you can easily download it and start using it. We are not suggesting that this will be a quick fix to your challenges. Most of the quick fix approach hardly give a lasting solution because they don’t get to the root cause of the problem. The Secret Brain system is a multifaceted application and several frequency beats that can be tuned to what you are seeking to accomplish

The binaural beats penetrate the core of the brain cells and nervous system and gradually brings restoration that is needed for productivity and good mood. If you are in doubt, you have got your 60-day refund as a cover in case the product does not meet your expectation.


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We hope this information will be useful in guiding your decision and we wish you all this best in your endeavors. Please do not forget to leave us a comment.



1              Leila Chaieb, Elke C. Wilpert, Christian Hoppe, Nikolai Axmacher, and Juergen Fell, ‘The Impact of Monaural Beat Stimulation on Anxiety and Cognition’, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 11 (2017), 251.