Hello, fellow readers, please keep the question coming and as usual I will always try to respond as quickly as I can. What Are The Scientific Proof That We Can Create Our Own Reality And How? I am happy that you guys have gone through the comprehensive review I wrote on Reality Bending Secrets by David Orwell’s. To verify the claims that one can create their own reality through the power of positive thinking I had to visit the library for scientific publication. The publications authored by Kassim 1 and Vulpe and Dafinoiu 2 caught my attention as they were able to prove the assertion that you can manipulate your reality with your mind. In Vulpe and Dafinoiu report, they conducted a test on 96 individuals subjecting them to positive and negative emotion after which their creative thinking, attitude and irrational thinking patterns were observed.

The result showed that people who received positive emotions were more willing to change and be better individuals, more original, fluent and creative although the differences in creative thinking were not much. This implies that if the mind is conditioned with the right tools or infused with positive vibes it will be empowered to propel an individual to produce a great result. This is the idea behind changing reality with your mind or manipulating physical reality. However, the mind has to be conditioned to be able to produce the desired result. The thought pattern has to be reconditioned to see life differently and then gradually the attitude changes.

Life presents us with too many challenges and as a supporter of positive thinking, it is hard to achieve this sometimes. This does not mean it is impossible but it requires discipline and dedication on our part. For instance, when I see an empty glass I don’t perceive it as an empty vessel but an opportunity to fill the empty vessel. Our challenges can make it all too easy to overlook the opportunities around us but its just the way we have been trained to think. In Kassim study, he was able to show that creative thinking and high performance can be achieved amongst active, reflective, intuitive and high visual students if the multimedia learning tool were used. This is another way of manipulating physical reality for high productivity, creativity, and learning.

The multimedia tool creates an atmosphere for positive emotions and vibes and ones the mind was able to align the thinking pattern of the student changes and suddenly they gathered the mental strength needed to learn and carry out the given task. It is possible to create our own reality if we let our mind resonate with our desires. There are tools that can be deployed to help the mind quickly aligns with our intention in order to generate maximum productivity and mind-blowing result in life. Apart from specific motivational words and multimedia, there are other tools that can be used to help build the mentality required to take on your giant and succeed in life.

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