Hello, fellow readers, please keep the question coming and as usual I will always try to respond as quickly as I can. What is reality manipulation and how do you create your own reality? I am happy that you guys have gone through the comprehensive review I wrote on Reality Bending Secrets by David Orwell’s. There is a belief that we all have a destiny that has been apportioned to us by a supreme being and we don’t have control over the outcome of our lives. If you still believe in this school of thought then you have been lied to all your life. Life is what we make of it and it all begins with the seed of decision we sow every day.

We are confined by what we listen to when we were 4 years old and our parents, friend, and school have all contributed to who we have become. The hard question is are you satisfied with who you are or have become today? Do you think there is still room for you to change your lifestyle to be able to realize your goals? If these are some of the questions bothering you then kindly read on. Reality manipulation is not just a movie or virtual environment where you can make things happen or choose the outcome you want in life. This is real, it’s not the Matrix movie. Reality manipulation is simply the ability to change your status into achieving a desired lifestyle. How then do you create your own reality?

There is one function that controls and differentiate the experience of one person from another, it is the human thought process of mentally. It is believed that one can change his or her present reality with their thought. That we can truly manipulate the physical reality with our thought process. So, reality manipulation is simply the ability to change your current situation starting with your thought.

How do you bend reality with your mind? There is a belief that the sage of the old could even control the weather because they knew how to control reality with their mind. The rule begins with the admonition, keep your mind on things you want not on things you don’t want. This is because you will attract what you concentrate your mind on. So, train yourself to concentrate on the solution, not the problem, on the outcome you desire not the outcome you see. This will require discipline but you must take possession of your thought power, don’t let it be influenced by the circumstances around your or your inner fears. This is important because your thought generates the action you put into life, positive thought will generate positive attitudes.

Man did not land on the mood by just sitting down and watching the moonlight but they set their mind to land on the moon and the rest is history. The simplest way to create your own reality is to start by focusing your thought on what you want to see.


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