Hello, fellow readers, I want to thank you for all the questions that were sent in last week to me on Lean Belly Breakthrough by Dr. Bruce Krahn. I will use this short article to answer some of the pressing questions.  Firstly, what is belly fat? Belly fats are the excess abdominal fat, particularly visceral fat, that surrounds your organs and puff your stomach into a beer gut. It is a predictor of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and some cancers.

Ever wonder, what food causes belly fat, why you’re gaining belly fat suddenly, or why you are gaining weight in your lower stomach? Belly fat is simply how your body respond to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. So, if you are tired with your belly fat, simply change your lifestyle choices.

Food is an important part of life. It sustains the human body. Staying away from it will surmount to leaving out an important aspect of life.  Rather than dieting, eating what is appropriate at the right time in the right quantity will do just fine. Ensure you plan your meals and snacks properly making sure they are not food recipes that add to weight gain and calorie allowance. For example, research has shown that sugary foods, hydrogenated fats, and oils, processed foods and foods that contain high sugar content increase the body weight easily. They are digested in the body to produce body fat.

Another lifestyle choice made by people which makes them vulnerable to having big stomach is disengaging themselves from exercise. When you’re not exercising, you tend to decrease your metabolism and lose more muscle mass. And when your body metabolism is slow, your body tends to store fat automatically, resulting in you gaining belly fat.

Also, there are some occurrences in life that we can’t control. They are part of the bug of life and their occurrences can destabilize you and eventually put you in a state of sickness and depression. Just because you’re depressed shouldn’t make you adopt some lifestyle that can affect your body fitness while making you gain belly fat suddenly. An example of such lifestyle is taking alcohol. Alcohol is one of the enemies of weight loss. A 5-ounce glass of wine has about 150 calories while a 1.5 ounce of beer has about 100 calories. When you add alcohol to your meal, you increase your calorie input and most of them will be stored around your belly.


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