Hello, fellow readers, please keep the question coming and as usual I will always try to respond as quickly as I can. Why is it important to balance or control your Chakra is the top question for this week? I am happy that you guys have gone through the comprehensive review I wrote on Chakra Activation System by Stephanie Mulac. I will use this short article to answer some of the press questions.

The human physiology is one of the most advanced living things on the face of the earth. We conduct, store and can also transmit energy. I guess that is why we can generate heat by just rubbing our palms together. The energy we store have both emotional and physical influence on our daily lifestyle. This energy field is called Chakra and it’s what gets you up to summon the will to go to work on a Monday morning.

In the slightest way, we all use the Chakra flow but imagine what can be achieved if we can control and balance it on our own will. Imagine you don’t have to visit a Chakra consultant for Chakra meditation or activation. This means you know how to get yourself out of depression, or increase your productivity at the workplace or even make your relationship more exciting that your partners can’t get enough of you.

However, what is unique about the Chakra energy. It does not only enhance your strength but you can impact others by transmitting your Chakra to them. Chakra balancing can only be achieved through an effectual control technique and trust me this is not rocket science, you can learn it. Have you wondered why the early civilization never recorded some of the strange diseases and psychological trauma that people face today? In fact, people at that time could easily attain 100 years of age graciously.

I have got good news for you; the idea of Chakra control and balancing is now gaining a reputation in modern medicine. It is called Healing Touch Techniques. A balancing technique to open and stabilize energy centers and enhance energy flow. There are ways you can detect that your Chakra flow is out of balance. Most Chakra practitioners can detect this by placing their hands on the individual as they relax. Today, you don’t need a practitioner to detect imbalances in your Chakra flow as you can learn how to diagnose yourself and administer the Chakra glow strategy to regain Chakra balancing in your body.

Like I mentioned earlier, you are a field of energy and you don’t want a clogged channel which destabilizes your energy flow and puts you in a state of emotional and physical trauma. So, keep your Chakra flowing.

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